Dalmatian Jasper Electroformed Earrings

Dalmatian Jasper Electroformed Earrings


Minimalist stud earrings custom made from dalmatian jasper stones set in copper. These earrings have surgical steel posts and come with surgical steel backs as well. Select bright copper or oxidized copper (darker copper) from the drop down. Each pair is unique and pictures just show an example of the type of earrings you could receive.

Please allow 1-2 weeks prior to shipping for your earrings to be handmade for you.

Note: The dalmatian jasper stones are raw and unpolished, which means they may have imperfections. Because these are natural stones the earrings are not a perfect match. Earrings in the picture are not necessarily the pair you will get. Each stone is slightly different and each pair will be similar to the pictures.

The earrings were created through a process called electroforming, which allows copper to build up over several hours. It is unpredictable and results in one of a kind and unique pieces. However, there may be small nicks, pits and bubbles in the copper as it is a natural process. Additionally, please be aware that over time, the color of the copper will naturally begin to darken. Your copper jewelry may be cleaned using lemon juice or a vinegar solution. 

About Dalmatian Jasper:
Dalmatian jasper may aid you in realizing your strengths and weaknesses. It is believed to increase loyalty and is thought to be helpful in long-term relationships. It is also believed to be a protective stone that guards against nightmares, depression, and negativity.

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