Smoky Quartz & Herkimer Diamond Necklace

Smoky Quartz & Herkimer Diamond Necklace


Raw smoky quartz point and herkimer diamond pendant electroformed in pure copper and sealed to preserve the finish. The pendant hangs from a bright copper plated chain. Choose your chain length in the drop down. 

Note: The stones are raw and unpolished, which means it may have imperfections. This pendant was created through a process called electroforming, which allows copper to build up over several hours. It is unpredictable and results in one of a kind and unique pieces. However, there may be small nicks, pits and bubbles in the copper as it is a natural process. Additionally, please be aware that over time, the color of the copper will naturally begin to darken. Your copper jewelry may be cleaned using lemon juice or vinegar. 

About Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is believed to be strongly protective and grounding. Specifically, it protects against negativity.

About Herkimer Diamonds

(April Birthstone) Herkimer diamonds are six-sided double terminated quartz crystals. However, unlike quartz they are totally clear and mimic the appearance of diamonds. They are thought to assist with balancing the body, mind and spirit. Herkimers may be beneficial in attuning yourself with others, and your surroundings. They may also relieve tensions, producing a calming effect.

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