Black Tourmaline 3 Stone Ring | October Birthstone

Black Tourmaline 3 Stone Ring | October Birthstone


Three beautiful raw black tourmaline stones set in copper. This ring will be custom made in your size and sealed to preserve the finish. This ring is a great statement piece and could even be used as an alternative bride's wedding ring (see pictures). Please note, rings in the pictures are examples of what your ring will look like. Each ring is unique as each stone is unique in shape and size. 

Bridal images were photographed by Vanessa Alves (@vanessaalvesphoto) 

Note: The black tourmaline stones are raw and unpolished, which means they may have some imperfections. This ring was created through a process called electroforming, which allows copper to build up over several hours. It is unpredictable and results in one of a kind and unique pieces. However, there may be small nicks, pits and bubbles in the copper as it is a natural process. Additionally, please be aware that over time, the color of the copper will naturally begin to darken. Your copper jewelry may be cleaned using a salt and vinegar solution. 

About Black Tourmaline:
Black tourmaline is a powerful protection stone that may help protect against and repel negativity. It is also believed to guard against environmental pollutants and radiation. Additionally, rubbing black tourmaline is thought to bring good luck and happiness.

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